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Capture your brand's story and unite your audience with a unique magazine design that not only stands out from the pack but becomes real page-turners.

Revolutionizing magazine design - the Soscify way

When you’re looking to create a magazine for your company, you don’t want to settle for any boring old design. You want something engaging, interesting, and unique. That’s where we come in.

Soscify team of creative designers are experts in creating interactive and engaging magazine designs that not only stand out from the crowd but become real page-turners. Our magazine design experts know how to make the most of the smallest spaces.

We have years of experience designing stunning magazines for a variety of settings, businesses, and individuals and we’re excited to extend our expertise to you, too, whether you need a few or a few hundred.

if you're looking to create a new design from scratch or revamp an existing one, feel free to contact us online to discuss your magazine design project. We guarantee that our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver a magazine that exceeds your expectations.

We design print and digital magazines for all settings

We are a company that provides full-cycle magazine design services, focusing on both print and digital publication formats. We offer a range of services that cover the entire process of magazine creation, from conceptualization and content creation to layout and design, and printing.

Whether you need a print magazine for your business, organization, or personal use, or a digital magazine for your website, blog, or social media platforms, we have the technical skills, expertise, and experience to bring your vision to reality. Our goal is to deliver a stunning product that not just beats your imagination but also excites your readers. If you're looking for a reliable, creative, and cost-effective magazine design agency, look no further than us.

Magazine design, size and layout

A magazine is a booklet form published periodically (e.g., 4 times a year), which is printed on glossy-coated paper and consists of a few dozen pages or more. It presents your company’s success, views, opinions, and goals in a visually appealing manner. The standard dimensions of a magazine vary, but the two most common sizes are 8.5 x 11 inches and 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

One factor that distinguishes a great magazine from others is its perfectly structured layout, which enhances readability and navigation from start to finish. Magazines are meant to be read, yes, but they can also be used to create an exciting visual experience for your readers. Therefore, using emotive imagery, well-structured copywriting that engages, and design that reflects the theme, creates a good visual experience that triggers deep, long-lasting connections and drives sales off the page.

Interactive and engaging magazine design flow

The demand for creative magazine layout design services is continuously on the rise because of their application in different niches and their very interactive nature.

A magazine is divided into three sections, the front, middle and back. They independently perform separate functions and are strategically designed to give the audience different levels of engagement and interaction. Because of this ever-flowing level of engagement, creating a magazine becomes an extremely interactive process.

Our process of optimizing your audience engagement

Every graphic element (font, shape, colour, texture, photography, space etc.) present in a magazine is conscientiously placed to draw out the emotions associated with the publication design and cultivated to portray the issue's theme, story, and brand image to the audience.

Sustainable engagement and audience are interdependent, and as we all know, readership continually evolves as the reader glances through, firstly from the cover page. Now, how do we optimize your magazine layout for maximum engagement?

The magazine cover design

The magazine cover is the first thing that interacts with your audience. With our aesthetic skills, we will help draw them closer to your publication with a captivating design that creatively illustrates your issue's theme, engages them, and keeps them flipping pages.

We will strategically place all the unique elements of your magazine in a way that captures your audience’s attention, ignites their inner awesome and arouses their curiosity.

To maintain a consistent level of audience engagement, we have incorporated two key elements into the magazine cover design, organized in a tiered system:

  • The eye-catching level
  • The light reading level

These two focus points systematically perform different functions that drive readers on a journey through your magazine pages.

The eye-catching level: This is the first level of engagement in the cover design, this comes with a magnetic headline, the focal image, and captions. We will ensure these items are powerful, meaningful, and impactful enough to encourage your readers to read further.

The light reading level: This level contains your lead sentences, your sub-headlines (description text beneath the main headlines), and your sidebars (small paragraph stories within the story). These pieces create a better reading experience by dividing the text into sections for the readers.

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The magazine layout structure

After the cover design has lured readers to your magazine, then comes the need for sustaining their engagement level, this is where a perfectly planned layout structure performs its function.

We combine technical quality and design to create compelling layouts that are easy to understand with just a glance. Our professional design team conceptualize and generates ideas, and when you decide on the idea suggestions, we then proceed to concretise the final solution by creating a seamless hierarchical layout flow that effectively indicates the levels of priority visually, in a way that raises consciousness and immerses the reader’s imagination into your magazine publication.

The content structures

At this point, your reader is fully engaged and Intrigued by the magazine, which creates what we call the deep reading level. Our aim here is to promote a better reading experience by helping them easily navigate through the story while keeping them entertained and engaged.

A well-drafted content, systematically organized with a matching font style that portrays the issue's theme will entice the imagination and raise the interest level of your readers and keep their attention sustained till the end.

Reinforce your brand value with cutting-edge corporate magazine design

Corporate magazines are an exceptional tool for brand reinforcement, either for your employees or for your existing and prospective customers. They can be used to capture your brand story, new products, services and special offers, take advantage of this periodical and gain additional power to reinforce your brand visibility.

Our graphic design agency has skilled professional designers that can transform your ideas in the right proportion.

We follow an agile process that delivers excellent corporate magazine design with elegant and appealing visuals crafted to showcase your brand personality, value and ethos, while effortlessly conveying your intended message to your audience, and ultimately helping in retaining your market share.

Let’s help make the most of your magazine publication

Are you tired of struggling to get your magazine noticed in a crowded and competitive market? Do you feel like you're putting in all the effort, but still not seeing the desired results? We exist because of you.

At Soscify, our focus is to help you maximise your magazine publication by ensuring it maintains a sustainable audience engagement. With our expert team of designers, we'll collaborate with you to create an innovative publication that stands out. Our cutting-edge design techniques will give your magazine a professional and polished look, making it the perfect choice for your audience.

So why wait? Let's help make the most of your magazine publication today! Contact us now to schedule a free consultation and see how we can take your magazine to the next level.

Your burning magazine design FAQs

Do you have any questions about our magazine design services? Below are some common queries raised by our clients. If you don't find the answer to your question, please visit our general FAQ page for further information.

Why do I need a professional magazine design company?

A professionally-designed magazine will help improve the look and feel of your magazine, enhancing the storytelling experience for your readers. This, in turn, can drive engagement and positively impact consumer behaviour — boosting the growth of your publication.

Good magazine design improves the readability and aesthetic appeal of your content, making it easier to comprehend and enjoyable for your readers to consume. A professional magazine design agency like Soscify will help you identify your organizational needs and goals, allowing you to bring your ideas to life and achieve sustainable marketing success.

Do we offer digital magazine design?

Yes. With the growing popularity of digital media, we can either create an interactive PDF version or a hosted version of your magazine, in case printing is not an option for you.

Each project we undertake is designed to meet printing standards, so if you opt for a printed version afterwards, it will be ready for press without any further adjustments.

What makes a good magazine layout?

A magazine layout is something like a user interface for your readers, allowing them to connect and engage with the content for a longer period. Sometimes, creating an effective layout that fits the genre of your magazine can be a challenging task. that is why it is important to consider your audience's experience when designing the layout.

Important elements like images, text, and typography should all be well-presented, and adequate white space should be maintained across the magazine, as it plays a significant role in influencing the psychology of your readers.

When you partner with us, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, target audience and goals, and provide you with recommendations on the most suitable layout options. We understand the importance of having a visually appealing and well-organized magazine that not only showcases your content in the best possible way but also appeals to your target audience.

Do we offer proofreading and editing services for magazine copy?

Yes. Our in-house team of copywriters are always ready to assist you with writing, editing, and proofreading the copy for your magazine.

Proofreading comes with our magazine design services and we will thoroughly review the copy before producing the final artwork.

Additionally, if you're looking to revitalize your website or social media platforms with new content, our expert team of content creators and copywriters can provide SEO-optimised copy that humans and the machine (search engine) will love.

Feel free to contact us online or speak with our strategist at +234 704 4631 422 to learn more about our copywriting services.

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