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Increase the profitability, availability, and efficiency of your business by utilizing an interactive web application from Soscify.

Web application development

Web development is the creation and maintenance of software applications designed for web-based platforms. The primary aim is to provide users with a smooth and interactive experience. Depending on the project's specifications, these apps can be hosted on the internet or intranet.

The main objective of web development is to produce applications that are dynamic, operational, and tailored to meet the specific requirements of companies and organizations.

Web development can deliver a range of benefits, such as enhancing online presence, improving accessibility, increasing customer engagement, streamlining operations, providing data analytics and insights, and generating new revenue streams.

Our team of experts is committed to delivering top-notch web application development services, starting from the initial consultation until the project's successful completion. We understand that every client has unique requirements and objectives, and thus, we provide personalized solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Web app consulting

Our approach involves identifying the needs of your business and examining your competitors to develop a unique selling proposition (USP).

We create comprehensive software requirements specifications and conduct a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) to determine the most suitable architecture and hosting options. Our team also designs user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), among other services.

Web app development

Soscify specializes in web application development and offers top-notch expertise to ensure a seamless implementation of your new project.

Our team of highly skilled developers is fully equipped to meet even the most complex requirements of your project at every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from initial needs analysis to ongoing support and future enhancements.

Legacy software modernization

Our team specializes in upgrading outdated custom software with the latest web technologies, design, and development methods. Whether you require a complete recoding or a re-architecting of your legacy software, we can assist you in modernizing your software.

Additionally, we can migrate your software to the cloud, introducing new features, and much more to enhance your software's performance.

Partner with an expert web app development agency

Over the years, we have provided innovative web application development solutions to our valued clients, utilizing the expertise of our team of imaginative designers and developers.

Our web app development services encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from corporate and customer-facing websites to robust web apps and portals. Leveraging modern technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and ASP.NET, among others, we craft a diverse array of web platforms tailored to the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We build effective and scalable web applications

At Soscify, our primary focus is to create fully functional, robust, and scalable web applications.

We utilize modern technologies to design custom web apps that align with your business goals, maximizing resource utilization to achieve an optimal output. Our ultimate goal is to deliver top-quality web applications that are cost-effective.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional web app development services that cover design, development, testing, support, and maintenance. Our team of expert developers also provides technology consultation services, including modernizing legacy architecture and migrating to a new web platform.

With years of experience in delivering expert web-based platforms, we at Soscify are the company you can trust to build impactful, efficient, and easy-to-use corporate and interactive web apps, web portals, XaaS products, and more.

By working with us, you can improve your user base growth, unlock new digital channels, increase conversions, and achieve other successful milestones for your business.

Investing in our web app development services is a wise choice as we offer:

  • Seasoned UI/UX designers who can streamline the usability of your web platform with unique interface designs
  • Progressive web apps using modern frameworks
  • Professional database architects with plenty of experience under their belt
  • Quality assurance specialists to ensure strict compliance with web app quality and security compliance.

Our approach distinguishes us from our competitors. We leverage modern technologies, structured architecture patterns, and user-centred UI and UX designs to build scalable web apps. We put a significant emphasis on quality assurance to ensure that we meet our commitment to quality on time.

Why do businesses increasingly opt for custom web apps?

Custom applications are becoming a popular choice for medium and large enterprises due to several reasons:

  • They offer a unique set of features that are tailored to meet specific business needs, eliminating the need to pay for unnecessary out-of-the-box features
  • Custom applications offer unlimited scalability, allowing the business to expand and adapt to changing needs seamlessly
  • Over time, custom applications can save costs compared to off-the-shelf solutions
  • Custom applications can become a unique competitive advantage for businesses, setting them apart from their competitors

The scope of our web application development services

At Soscify, we understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to building functional web applications. Our developers know that every line of code they write and every strategy they implement must perform its function effectively for the web app to work smoothly.

By partnering with us for your web app development project, you'll have access to a dedicated and skilled team who will guide you every step of the way. Our customer-focused processes are designed to reduce operational costs and give you an edge over your competitors.

To ensure that your web app is fully functional and effective, we follow a thorough development process that includes the following steps:

Project planning and strategy

Our business analysts will gather your project requirements based on their experience handling numerous projects in the past. Our project manager will then devise a plan of action that includes a delivery date and budget estimates, and put together a competent team to execute your web app development plan.

At Soscify, we specialize in User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) design. Our designers work diligently to create navigation flows that are easy to use and interfaces that are visually appealing to your target audience. We understand that each audience has unique needs and preferences, and we design with that in mind.

Our primary goal is to ensure that your web application is responsive and works seamlessly across all devices. This will not only help attract more visitors to your site but also convert them into paying customers. Our UI designers are well-versed in brand identity design and will work to turn your web app into a revenue-generating asset for your company.


Our web architects are skilled in the latest architecture patterns, including headless, PWA, and microservices, while our developers are experts in utilizing a wide range of web development tools. We leverage our project management team capabilities and use important KPIs like Lead Time, Circle Time, and Code Churn to facilitate fast and quality delivery.

Optimization and upgrade

We continuously tweak, optimize, and improve your web platform to keep up with the ever-changing user expectations. We integrate new relevant functionality to keep your customers coming back to your brand. With our mature DevOps culture, we deploy important fixes within 2-3 days and release scheduled updates every 6-8 weeks.

Technical support and maintenance

We provide 24/7 support and regularly monitor the performance of your web application to ensure workflow stability and improve the experience of your visitors when using your web platform. We dig deep into your web app to identify and fix issues ranging from usage, configurations, or code.

The core of our web app development service is to ensure your platform is optimized for high efficiency, fully functional, and user-friendly. We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service and helping you achieve your business goals.

What are the types of web applications?

There are several different types of web applications based on how they display content. These include:

  1. Static web applications

    These are web pages created using HTML, CSS, and JQuery. They can have advanced features like data entry forms, data validation, and sortable tables, but they cannot store data for future reference.

  2. Dynamic web applications

    These are typically developed using PHP or ASP and often include a content management system (CMS). The CMS allows the admin to easily edit or modify the content, and the content is updated as users interact with it. Dynamic web apps can have many features implemented.

  3. Animated web applications

    These types of web apps use Flash technology to display content with animated effects. They provide users with an engaging experience and are particularly useful for e-commerce sites with repeat customers.

  4. Content Management Systems (CMS)

    These applications are designed to make it easy for non-technical users to modify, add and update website content. They are commonly used for blogs, articles, and media that require regular updates. Examples of CMS apps include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

  5. E-commerce web applications

    These apps provide online sales and marketing, web-based store management, and electronic payment portals. They facilitate the selling of products or services through web-based stores with shopping carts.

  6. Portal web applications

    These apps allow users to access various websites from a single location, categorizing them by types, such as news, entertainment, and job search. They can also be used to track users' activities on websites.

Technologies we adopt for our web app development

Once you partner with us, our team of experts will begin the development process for your web app project. We will thoroughly analyse your business requirements using modern technologies, data analytics, and best practices to determine the most suitable tools and technology for your project.

As an experienced web app development agency, we work closely with our client’s in-house team to fully comprehend their vision for the web application development.

Our team has successfully delivered numerous web app solutions utilizing cutting-edge technologies like React JS, React Native, and Vanilla JS. We utilize functional programming (FP) to create high-quality, testable, and maintainable software, while some of our front-end projects are developed using PureScript and Elm. Our skilled designers and developers can also incorporate modern technologies like TypeScript, Lodash, and others, as needed, to develop a progressive web app.

Throughout the development process, we strive to incorporate various other technologies into our solution, including Cloud Engineering, Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Quality Assurance.

By utilizing the most advanced technologies, we guarantee that we will deliver precisely what your business needs and meet your client’s expectations.

Get a high-performing, responsive web platform

With our many years of experience in web app development, Soscify's team of web experts provide the following services:

  • Conducting thorough business analysis to accurately determine the client's needs
  • Creating an intuitive user experience that reduces errors and increases engagement
  • Developing a visually appealing user interface to improve user acquisition and retention
  • Ensuring sustainable performance to maintain high levels of user satisfaction
  • Facilitating seamless integration to automate workflows
  • Providing quick hotfixes within 24 hours and regularly releasing new updates every 2-6 weeks

Get your custom web app solution today

Are you ready to increase the profitability, availability, and efficiency of your business through an interactive web application? We’d love to hear from you!

We possess specialized knowledge in Healthcare, FinTech, e-commerce, and various other business domains, allowing us to manage your project at any phase.

Regardless of whether it's an entirely new process or already integrated within an existing system, we can deliver impeccable web app solutions. To achieve this, we carefully curate a team of highly skilled experts for every project.

Your burning web app development services FAQs

Do you have further questions about our web app development services? Here are some common queries raised by our clients. If you don't find the answer to your question, please check our general FAQ page or for further information.

What is a web application with an example?

A web application is a type of computer program that operates on a remote server and can be accessed from any web browser. These applications use server-side scripts to manage data storage and client-side scripts to present information to users.

There are many types of web applications, including online banking, webmail, file conversion tools, photo and video editors, online forms, spreadsheets, online auctions, online shopping, and more.

One of the reasons web applications are so popular is that they do not require complex installations, are not resource-intensive, are easily customizable, and help resolve compatibility issues.

What is the best platform to develop Web applications?

The most popular used for developing web applications include AngularJS, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Laravel, Node.js, React.js, Ember.js, CakePHP, Phalcon, Zend, Express, Codeigniter, JSP, MEAN.io, and Knack. These platforms offer developers the ability to speed up the development and maintenance of web applications and ensure a seamless user experience across different devices.

How does Progressive Web App (PWA) work?

A progressive web app is a modern approach to software development that creates a hybrid of standard web pages and a mobile application. This innovative custom web application model aims to merge the advantages offered by web browsers with the benefits of a native mobile experience. PWAs are easily accessible through search engines and can be promptly launched using a browser.

The primary objective of PWAs is to bridge the gap between native apps and web apps by incorporating the advantages of native apps into the mobile browser.

Some key characteristics of PWAs include:

  • Reliability: PWAs offer faster loading times and can be accessed even when offline
  • Speed: They provide a fast operation with smooth animations and seamless navigation
  • Engagement: PWAs can be added to the home screen and can receive push notifications, making them more engaging for users

It's worth noting that these benefits make PWAs an excellent alternative to native apps, especially when it comes to cost-effectiveness and reaching a wider audience across multiple devices.

What are the business benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

Implementing PWA (Progressive Web App) can offer several advantages to any business, including:

  • Cost savings by having one team handle a single technology instead of multiple units for browsers and separate native mobile apps
  • Improved page performance for better user experience
  • Enhanced online visibility, especially on search engines
  • Cost-effective and easier user acquisition of new customers as compared to native mobile applications
  • No issues related to mobile applications such as lengthy deployment time, Apple/Google verification, etc
  • Increased user engagement due to faster page loading time, leading to a surge in the number of new users across all browsers by up to 104%
  • Integration with any existing system functioning as a data source back-end

Implementing PWA can bring several benefits to businesses, including cost savings, improved performance, better visibility, easier user acquisition, and increased user engagement.

What is the typical duration required for developing a web application?

The time required to create a web application can vary from weeks to months, and it's contingent on the project's scope, user flows, and designs. The development process consists of various stages, beginning with getting an in-depth understanding of the requirements and concluding with deployment and scaling. The duration of each step can vary considerably depending on the intricacy of the application.

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