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We help to identify loopholes in web applications that may potentially compromise your sensitive information, corporate reputation, or infrastructure security.

Website security scan and audit

If you are uncertain about your website's security against online threats, it's crucial to take website security seriously. The likelihood that your website is susceptible to cybercriminals and viruses is higher than you may realize. To safeguard your website from irreparable harm, it's essential to use website security analysis testing with Soscify.

Our services help protect your website in several ways:

  • Preventing hackers from penetrating your ecommerce database
  • Ensuring the health of your website code and preventing unauthorized access through routine security checks and updates that comply with industry standards
  • Identifying and analysing security flaws, loopholes, and vulnerabilities, and providing immediate threat removal and clean-up assistance

Our website security scan and audit process are simple: just provide us with your website domain. We'll analyse your site and provide a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations to prevent future attacks.

If you're unsure about your website's security level, feel free to contact us directly at +234 810 2957 240 to speak with our web security experts. You can also contact us online to share information about your business or idea.

Secure your digital assets with web security analysis services

Cybercriminals make daily relentless efforts to break into the databases of legitimate e-commerce sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, they are succeeding at an alarming rate. If your company’s servers, website code, and physical security measures do not meet modern standards, your website’s operations could be compromised.

At Soscify, we understand these common issues and have developed solutions to promote the complete security of your organization or e-commerce company’s website. We take pride in preventing your website from ever becoming vulnerable to attacks.

Our website security analysis is designed to conduct a full audit of your website, identifying any vulnerabilities that exist, and then fixing them. Our state-of-the-art website security analyser examines every aspect of your website, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned and maximize your website's security.

Protect your company’s assets with website security audit analysis from the experts

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular among consumers, businesses are utilizing ecommerce platforms to expand their reach and offer convenient payment methods. However, some of these businesses are launching their online stores hastily and neglecting to consider potential security risks. This can leave them open to attacks by hackers.

To avoid such risks, it is crucial to partner with a web security agency like Soscify. We specialize in providing website security analysis services to help identify any loopholes or vulnerabilities that cyber criminals could exploit to gain unauthorized access to your website and steal valuable information.

Unfortunately, the success rate of cyber criminals gaining access to legitimate ecommerce sites around the world is extremely high. Therefore, your website servers, code, and physical security must be up to modern standards to prevent your company's assets from falling into the wrong hands.

At Soscify, we have developed advanced solutions to address these challenges and boost the security of all kinds of businesses, including ecommerce websites. Our web security analysis service is designed to comprehensively audit your website and identify all security flaws and loopholes so that we can rectify them.

Our advanced website security tools leave no stone unturned to ensure maximum security for your website.

Ensure your website stays compliant with the latest security measures

As an online business owner, especially if you operate an ecommerce store, your website's performance is pivotal to your business's success. To maintain the trust and confidence of your customers, we highly recommend that you conduct regular security scans on your website to ensure that all protective measures are up to date. Our web security tools can assist you in accomplishing this and more for your business.

As an ecommerce website owner, your customers trust you with their valuable information during transactions. Therefore, it's imperative to protect this sensitive information by routinely conducting web security audits, and scans, and employing other website security tools to secure your customer's data and other important assets of your company.

Protect your business from cybercriminals with routine web security scans and audit

To protect your website from hackers who aim to gain unauthorized access to your website database and steal confidential information, it is important to identify loopholes, security flaws, and vulnerabilities, and implement protective measures as a defensive wall.

For ecommerce websites, protecting customers' highly confidential information such as credit card details should be a top priority. Implementing security measures to safeguard against cyber theft is essential.

It is important to not only focus on protecting your company's identity and reputation but also on safeguarding the identity of your customers. Failure to adhere to these security measures can lead to serious consequences such as:

  • Sales loss or even bankruptcy
  • Termination of the ability to accept payment cards
  • Legal costs, settlements, and judgments

At soscify, our website security audit is based on a sophisticated vulnerability assessment system that ensures the protection of your business and your customers. We carefully review your website code to identify security flaws that could leave your site prone to attacks from hackers.

We scan and analyse every aspect of your code that could render your site defenceless against hackers seeking unauthorized entry into your database. By auditing and enforcing the right protective measures, we will thoroughly examine your website to ensure it performs optimally without any loopholes.

Website downtime prevention

Nowadays, hackers spend their time organizing Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks on websites that have security vulnerabilities. DDoS is an aggressive technique used by hackers to interfere with the normal flow of website traffic by flooding servers with false traffic that exceeds their capacity, causing the website to go offline.

To better understand DDoS, imagine a sudden traffic jam blocking the highway, preventing regular traffic from reaching its intended destination.

While some cybercriminals use DDoS attacks as a means to blackmail businesses into paying a ransom, there are other common motives behind these attacks, such as:

  • Damaging the reputation of a business
  • Disrupting the services offered by the business
  • Increasing sales while competitors' websites are unavailable

DDoS attacks pose a significant threat to businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises and small e-retailers. Therefore, we take proactive measures to safeguard your website from these malicious cyberattacks by installing security systems that can effectively counter the tactics used by hackers to carry out DDoS attacks.

Increase sales with a secure ecommerce platform

Your ecommerce website needs to have strong security measures in place to make your customers feel confident when making purchases. Studies have shown that 90 percent of users want reassurance that their personal information is protected before they decide to buy from a brand.

With the prevalence of online threats, customers are understandably cautious about sharing sensitive details.

Making sure that your website follows standard security protocols to safeguard your customers' information can increase the likelihood of them purchasing from your brand. At Soscify, we are committed to alleviating any worries that customers may have by providing a secure and reliable online shopping platform.

However, even with the best security measures in place, some customers may still have concerns about the safety of their information. To address these concerns, we will ensure that your website's privacy policy is up-to-date and clearly outlines the steps you have taken to protect your data. This will give your customers peace of mind and further increase their confidence in your brand.

The benefits of web security audit

Proactively enhancing web security can boost website credibility, earn user trust, and safeguard sensitive data. Our expert team will implement preventive measures to minimize cyber threats and reassure customers, leading to higher conversions and brand loyalty.

Our web security services provide several benefits, including identifying the following:

  • Vulnerabilities in web server configuration and infrastructure
  • Application vulnerabilities, including verifying all types of injections and advanced techniques on your entry points
  • Vulnerabilities in website software and frameworks with known weaknesses
  • Vulnerabilities related to business application logic that cannot be detected by automatic tools

Our skilled development team has the necessary expertise and resources to ensure that your website is secure from cyber threats and viruses. We will implement various preventive measures to minimize the risk of any attacks or data breaches.

When your customers notice the advanced security measures you have put in place, they will feel more confident and trust your website more. This can ultimately lead to higher conversions and increased brand loyalty.

Secure your website today -protect against cyber threats

Worried about cyber threats targeting your website? Don't take chances with your online business. Safeguard your website with Soscify's website security analysis and testing services. Our experts specialize in identifying and patching vulnerabilities, ensuring your website remains impenetrable against malicious attacks.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Hacker Deterrence: Prevent unauthorized access to your database and fortify your website's code through routine security audits and updates, aligning with industry standards.
  • Comprehensive Security: Identify and analyse security flaws, loopholes, and vulnerabilities. We provide immediate threat removal and clean-up assistance, bolstering your website's defence.
  • Swift, Detailed Analysis: Our website security scan and audit process is simple and efficient. Just share your website domain, and we'll deliver a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations for future protection.

Ready to take a proactive stance against cyber threats? Contact our web security experts at +234 810 2957 240 or contact us online to fortify your digital assets with our web security analysis services.

Your burning web security analysis FAQs

Do you have further questions about our web security analysis? Here are some common queries raised by our clients. If you don't find the answer to your question, please check our general FAQ page or for further information.

What is a website security audit?

A website security audit identifies potential security weaknesses in various web assets, including static websites, corporate platforms, intranets, e-commerce, APIs, and other web components, as well as systems that support applications, middleware, and backend.

The audit uses internationally recognized security methodologies like the OWASP Security Project to assess compliance with required security measures and identify any risks to security.

Web app security scans analyze public and private resources accessed remotely with anomalous data inputs. The results of a web security audit may include technical vulnerabilities, security controls, and detailed recommendations for application, source code, architecture, configuration, and infrastructure.

What is the goal of a web security audit?

A website security audit aims to pinpoint configuration, development, and logic issues that could potentially enable unauthorized access to the information managed by the system. Such unauthorized access can lead to actions that a typical user would not be permitted to do, such as seizing control of the web server or application database.

How often should I perform web security analysis?

Web security analysis should be performed regularly, ideally as part of a comprehensive security program. The frequency of testing depends on a range of factors, including the criticality of the website or web application, the frequency of updates and changes, and the level of risk associated with the application.

What are some common vulnerabilities that web security analysis can identify?

Web security analysis detects and addresses website and web application vulnerabilities to prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, or theft of sensitive information. It identifies various types of vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and file inclusion vulnerabilities.

Other vulnerabilities that can be detected include insecure cryptographic storage, weak authentication and authorization, default passwords, and misconfigured servers or applications.

Regular web security analysis is essential to ensure website and web application security, safeguard sensitive information, and maintain user and customer trust.

What should I expect to receive from a web security analysis service?

If you opt for a web security analysis service, you should expect to receive a comprehensive report that details any vulnerabilities that were discovered, along with the potential risks associated with those vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the report should contain recommendations on how to address these vulnerabilities. It is important to note that the report should also contain a summary of the findings, along with a prioritized list of actionable items to be taken.

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