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Corporate identity design packages

Corporate identity is the visual representation of a company's brand and values. It includes everything from the company's logo and website design to its brand guidelines and marketing materials. A strong corporate identity helps a company stand out from the rest of the pack and helps build trust among customers.

Creating a corporate identity involves meticulous planning and considering a company's target audience, values, and goals.

The primary elements of a corporate identity design are the logo, colour scheme, and typography. The logo should be simple, memorable, and reflective of the company's brand and should be used consistently across all marketing materials.

Secondary elements of corporate identity design

The secondary elements of corporate identity are design elements that support and complement the primary element of corporate identity, such as the company's logo, brand colours, and brand fonts. These elements may include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, notebooks etc. They help to create a cohesive and consistent visual brand identity across all customer touchpoints.

Why your brand should have a strong corporate identity design

Creating a memorable brand identity design plays a crucial role in the success of any business. Corporate identity design can help you establish your company's brand and make it easily recognisable to your target audience and customers.

When consumers instantly recognize who you are and what you stand for all based on a logo or other branded materials of your company, you've become more than just a name and a symbol, you've successfully established your business as a household name.

Make your brand twice as tall and get noticed with top-notch brand identity design.

In today's crowded and competitive digital landscape, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out and get noticed by their target audience. One effective way to cut through the noise and capture the attention of potential customers is by leveraging the expertise of a top-notch corporate identity design agency like soscify.

At soscify, we understand that your corporate identity is more than just your logo – it's the visual representation of your company and its values. It includes everything from your colour palette and typography to your tone of voice and messaging.

As a seasoned branding company, it’s our job to make your ideas a reality. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and then we’ll concretise whatever concept you think better represents your brand into a striking and unique brand identity design. We will help you shape every component of your identity design in a way that accurately reflects your company's values and message.

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Our approach to corporate identity design

During the last three years, we've developed a strategy that has given rise to professional, distinctive brand designs which build trust. With our focus on SMEs across Nigeria and beyond, we ensure we craft an identity that not only works well in the online world but is visually consistent across all company materials. Our design process is highly collaborative and demands active participation from both parties.

Our capabilities in corporate identity design

The result of our company’s corporate identity design process is a comprehensive brand style and guidelines that can be used to design other marketing and advertising materials like websites, brochures, flyers, and packaging that reflect the new brand.

At soscify, our design experts will transform your brand by creating unique designs that complement your branding in your marketing and advertising materials. Our team will work closely with you to develop a style in a way that showcases your company's unique selling point (USP).

Our creative design experts can help with crafting your:

  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead
  • Folders
  • Branded merchandise like lanyards, pens, mugs, T-shirts, diaries, and many more.

We offer complete corporate identity design services and will oversee your project from start to finish. We are happy to discuss your requirements further.

Soscify - a corporate identity design agency

Now, more than ever, businesses need to have a modern, distinctive, and attractive brand image. Our pixel grinders aim to uncover a corporate identity that helps convey your brand's unique message in a way that leaves lasting impressions on the minds of your target audience. For this reason, we will use our experience and skills to create a high-quality corporate identity guide for your company to follow so you can build up a brand that inspires trust and reliability in your customers.

Elevate your brand with our custom corporate identity design services

Your company is an entity of its own. Its character should be displayed in the image it reflects and the way it is presented on the market and your target audience. The company has an identity of its own and you must never forget to present it in a modern, professional and conceptually clear manner. Let our creative team of designers craft your company's visual identity and rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

We will help create a stunning brand identity design by making sure all visual elements have a consistent use of typeface, colour, images, and cohesive language which reflect your company's brand and values perfectly.

If you want to know more about our corporate identity design services, feel free to give us a call at +234 704 4631 422 or contact us online to tell us about your business design concept. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here are answers to your top brand identity design questions

Do you have further questions about our brand identity design services? Here are some common queries raised by our clients. If you don't find the answer to your question, please check our general FAQ page or for further information.

What is brand identity design, and why is it crucial for businesses?

Brand identity design consists of the visual elements that represent a brand, including the logo, colour palette, typography, and more. It's crucial as it establishes a memorable and consistent brand image, fostering recognition and trust among your audience.

Can Soscify incorporate our existing brand elements into a new design?

Absolutely. If you have established brand elements that you wish to retain, our design team can seamlessly integrate them into the new identity, maintaining brand consistency across all touchpoints.

How does brand identity contribute to online visibility and recognition?

A strong brand identity enhances online visibility by making your brand easily recognizable. Consistency in design across digital platforms fosters a sense of trust, encouraging audience engagement and loyalty.

Can Soscify handle brand identity design for different industries?

Absolutely. Our versatile team has experience working across various industries. We adapt our approach to suit the unique characteristics of your business, ensuring the brand identity reflects your specific industry and target audience.

Is brand identity design a one-time service, or does it involve ongoing updates?

While the initial creation is a one-time project, we recommend periodic reviews to ensure your brand stays relevant. We offer additional services for updates or adaptations to meet changing market trends or business developments.

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