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If you're looking to boost your revenue and expand your business, remarketing can be a game-changer. Research shows that retargeted ads have a 70% higher conversion rate, meaning your audience is more likely to purchase your product/services or contact your team.

At Soscify, we specialize in remarketing services that help your business make the most of this powerful advertising tool. Our expert team has the skills and expertise needed to create a competitive remarketing campaign that can drive sales, leads, and revenue for your business.

Discover the potential of remarketing with Soscify and watch your business soar to unprecedented heights. Get in touch with us today to explore our remarketing services and learn how we can empower your business to achieve success.

What are remarketing services?

Remarketing services allow you to advertise your business online to people who have previously engaged with your website. This advertising can be done on a variety of channels, including social media platforms and the Google Display Network.

Incorporating remarketing services into your marketing strategy is crucial because studies have shown that consumers visit a website multiple times before making a purchase. Remarketing ads serve as reminders to keep returning to your site and have been shown to increase click-through rates by two to three times.

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a tactic in online marketing which focuses on reaching out to people who have previously interacted with a brand or its products/services.

Here is how remarketing works:

A user visits a website: When a user visits a website, a cookie is dropped on their browser. This cookie tracks the user's activity on the website, including pages visited, products viewed, and time spent on the site.

The user leaves the website: If the user leaves the website without making a purchase or completing a desired action, they will be served with targeted ads on other websites they visit, such as Facebook or Google.

Advertisements are targeted: Based on the user's behaviour on the website, advertisements are targeted to them. For example, if a user views a specific product on the website, they will be served with ads for that product.

The user is encouraged to return: The goal of remarketing is to encourage prospects to revisit the website and carry out a specific task, such as purchasing a product or completing a form.

overall, remarketing is an effective way for businesses to target individuals who have shown an interest in their products or services, and it can lead to increased conversions and sales.

Why remarketing is crucial for your company's marketing strategy

Many online shoppers tend to double-check their decisions before making a purchase. This often leads to abandoned shopping carts when visitors leave without completing their orders.

But when a potential customer leaves your website without making a purchase, you run the risk of losing out on a potential sale. Therefore, it's essential to consider alternative marketing strategies to reconnect with these prospects after they leave without converting. This is where remarketing comes in handy.

Remarketing provides a great opportunity to reconnect with individuals who have previously shown interest in your products or services but haven't made a commitment to buying.

This target group is essential for driving conversions because:

  • They have already shown interest in what your company has to offer
  • They are actively looking for a good deal
  • They have already been drawn to your products or services.

Research has shown that people who come across retargeted ads are 70 per cent more likely to make a purchase. So, if you neglect to use a remarketing strategy, you may be driving potential customers to your competitors and missing out on potential sales.

Effective ways to utilize remarketing services for your business

Are you interested in discovering how your company can leverage the power of remarketing services? Our team of digital marketing specialists have years of experience managing various successful PPC campaigns, and we've developed numerous creative strategies for maximizing the impact of remarketing.

Here are five examples of how remarketing can be put to work for you:

  1. Encourage customers to complete their purchase

    Encourage customers to complete their purchases with limited-time discounts for those who left items in their shopping carts. By offering a discount on the items they abandoned, you give them a second chance to make the purchase they were considering. This tactic helps increase conversions and build customer loyalty.

  2. Keep your products and services top of mind

    Remind your customers of the products or services they viewed by sending personalized messages that show them you value their interest. By keeping your business top of mind, you increase the likelihood of conversions and returning customers.

  3. Encourage users to subscribe to gated content

    Gated content refers to premium content that requires a subscription or membership to access. Offer exclusive deals to users who subscribe or sign up, incentivizing them to become members and access more of your valuable content.

  4. Attract local customers with limited-time offers

    Promote events and sales to users within a specific radius to drive traffic to your business. By offering localized deals, you can target customers in your area and create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers.

  5. Offer special deals to those who cancelled

    Regain clients who have terminated a service by presenting them with an exclusive offer or price reduction. This demonstrates appreciation for their patronage and motivates them to give your business another chance.

What are the benefits of investing in professional remarketing services?

Investing in professional remarketing services is a crucial strategy for businesses to boost their online marketing efforts.

Remarketing is a process of targeting users who have previously interacted with your website or digital content but haven't yet taken a specific action such as completing a purchase or submitting a contact form.

By leveraging remarketing services, you can enhance your conversion rates and generate more sales by tailoring personalized and targeted advertising messages that reach out to these users.

Here are some of the key benefits of investing in professional remarketing services:

Improve lead generation efficiency

Remarketing services can be beneficial for obtaining high-quality leads. It may take some time for a user to become a lead in certain industries, such as home-building services and financial services, due to the need for research and in-depth analysis.

Although users may visit your site and service pages but may not complete a quote request. By utilizing a remarketing campaign, you can keep your business at the forefront of their minds and persuade them to return to your site.

Your marketing team can develop customized ad copy that speaks to your target audience's requirements, preferences, and pain points, based on an analysis of your website's analytics and consultation with your team.

When combined with a top landing page, this type of content can assist in converting these users into leads. Your sales team can then engage with the leads, showcasing the unique advantages of your company and services to acquire new clients.

Improve brand recognition

Although brand awareness may not result in an immediate purchase, it can help in establishing a relationship with potential customers, particularly if your business has a high customer lifetime value (CLV).

Our professional team can help your company launch a remarketing campaign that captures users' attention and promotes your brand. Moreover, your dedicated project manager can keep your ad copy and graphics up to date to keep users engaged.

Even if users in your remarketing audience see your ads but don't click on them, your campaign can still increase brand recognition by exposing them to your company's name, which may stick with them and come to mind later when they're searching online.

Win back valuable customers

Remarketing offers your business an additional opportunity to persuade a user to buy your product, get in touch with your team, or subscribe to your services. If you don't use remarketing, you lose this chance and have to rely on the user returning on their own.

Remarketing allows you to be proactive instead of waiting. You can start a campaign to gain the trust of a user and encourage them to revisit your website. Additionally, you can prevent them from buying a similar product or service from one of your competitors.

Soscify, as your business partner, can assist you in attracting back your most valuable customers. By having a thorough understanding of your target audience and your company's most lucrative offerings, your assigned project manager can produce a retargeting group that is worthwhile pursuing.

Drive consumer purchases

Many companies invest in remarketing services to boost their sales and revenue. The reason why remarketing is so effective in driving sales is that it targets individuals who have already displayed an interest in the products or services being offered.

Also, remarketing enables your marketing team to create customized audiences, such as prospects who have visited a product page and stayed on it for two or more minutes before leaving. With this level of targeted advertising, your business can launch a competitive campaign that is also cost-effective.

By concentrating only on prospects who are more likely to become customers rather than all visitors to the product page, your business can realize increased revenue and a more significant return on investment.

How we optimise your remarketing campaign for optimal performance

  • Revamping existing remarketing campaigns (if any)
  • Creating visitor segments for new campaigns
  • Experimenting with and selecting the most effective remarketing ad types
  • Maintaining a consistent appearance and user experience across all platforms
  • Linking retargeted ads to optimized landing pages
  • Re-engaging target audiences with tailored and relatable ads
  • Timing ad placements to reach the target audience when the most active
  • Adjusting the frequency and duration of ads to prevent overexposure
  • Enhancing performance through ongoing testing and strategic refinement.

Choose our remarketing solutions and experience the power of precision, engagement, and results. We constantly fine-tune your campaign for optimal performance, making sure your brand stays in the spotlight where it matters most.

What makes our remarketing agency #1?

Soscify is a highly reliable remarketing agency that offers custom-tailored strategies to meet the unique needs and objectives of businesses in Nigeria and beyond.

Our custom advertising strategies, cutting-edge technology, and skilled team provide a level of service that distinguishes us from other remarketing agencies, resulting in a strong record of maintaining client relationships.

To discover more about our competitive strengths, please continue reading:

We provide custom-tailored strategies

Many remarketing agencies use a one-size-fits-all approach to save time. They employ generic strategies such as targeting specific product pages with a predetermined time on the page. However, this approach doesn't consider the unique characteristics of your business, products, and objectives.

At Soscify, we take a different approach. We customize our remarketing strategies based on your business and objectives. Unlike other agencies, we request information about the products and services you want to advertise and spend time learning about your target audience. This approach enables us to create personalized ad copy and graphics that resonate with them.

Our approach has been proven to work, and both our team and clients have seen the positive results it produces.

We provide competitive pricing

Our remarketing services have a fixed cost and our main goal is to help your business expand. While making a profit is essential for any business, we do not believe in overcharging our clients as other agencies do. Unlike them, we do not increase our fees depending on your ad budget. We strive to maintain reasonable and transparent prices to ensure the growth and profitability of your business.

We provide end-to-end solutions

Our remarketing company provides a comprehensive range of services to manage all aspects of your campaign. This includes creating your remarketing ads, setting up remarketing pixels on your website, and improving overall performance. With our assistance, you can effortlessly carry out your remarketing efforts.

We have remarketing experience and expertise

Our team of experts has collaborated with numerous clients, delivering effective Google remarketing advertisements. Our track record serves as evidence of our capabilities, demonstrating that we possess the expertise and experience necessary to implement optimal research and display strategies for your Google remarketing campaigns.

Don't wait any longer, launch your remarketing campaign now

Are you tired of losing potential customers who visit your website without converting?

Remarketing can help you re-engage with those lost customers and bring them back to your website. And with Soscify, launching your remarketing campaign has never been easier!

With our advanced remarketing tools, we can help you create customized ads that focus on prospects who have already visited your website. Additionally, we monitor and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, allowing us to optimise your strategies to achieve the best results.

Take advantage of the chance to re-engage with prospects and improve your conversions. Launch your remarketing campaign now with Soscify and start seeing the results you deserve!

Your burning remarketing services FAQs

Do you have further questions about our remarketing services? Here are some common queries raised by our clients. If you don't find the answer to your question, please check our general FAQ page or for further information.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing involves directing online advertisements towards prospects who have engaged with your business online but haven't completed a desired action. The purpose of remarketing ads is to regain the interest of these potential customers and persuade them to take the desired action.

An example of this would be targeting users who have visited your website product/service page or added items to their shopping cart. These retargeted ads can be displayed on platforms such as social media and the Google Display Network.

What types of businesses can benefit from remarketing services?

Any business that has a website or online presence can benefit from remarketing services. However, businesses that sell products or services online, or that have a high volume of website traffic, are particularly well-suited for remarketing.

What types of ads can I use for remarketing?

There are several types of ads you can use for remarketing, including display ads, dynamic product ads, email remarketing, and social media ads.

Display ads: Display advertisements are a category of ads that come in the shape of banners on websites that belong to the Google Display Network. Their purpose is to serve as reminders to users of goods or services they have previously viewed or interacted with.

Dynamic product ads: Dynamic product ads refer to a type of advertising that showcases products to potential customers who have already viewed them on your website. The primary objective of these ads is to refresh the customers' memory regarding the products they have shown interest in and encourage them to revisit your site to complete a purchase.

Email remarketing: Email remarketing is a type of advertising that targets prospects who have left their shopping carts without making a purchase. Personalized emails are sent to these target groups to encourage them to revisit your website and complete their purchase.

Social media ads: Social media remarketing ads aim to attract prospects who have previously interacted with your brand on social media sites. The objective of these ads is to refresh users' memory about a brand's offerings and encourage them to return to your website to buy products or services.

By using different types of ads for remarketing, you can increase your chances of converting prospects into paying customers. These different types of ads work together to remind users of products or services they are interested in and encourage them to return to the site to make a purchase.

What targeting options are available for remarketing?

When it comes to remarketing campaigns, you can target users based on their past behaviour on your website, such as:

When it comes to remarketing campaigns, you can target users based on their past behaviour on your website, such as:

  • Website visitors: You can create remarketing lists based on people who have visited your website.
  • Customer lists: Target people on your email list or other customer lists.
  • Lookalike audiences: Target people who have similar characteristics and behaviour to your existing customers.
  • Specific actions: This type of targeting option focuses on prospects who have taken specific actions on your website, such as adding items to a shopping cart without completing the transaction.
  • Time-based targeting: Target people who have interacted with your website within a certain timeframe.
  • Exclusion targeting: Exclude people who have already converted or taken the desired action on your website.
  • YouTube viewers: You can create remarketing lists based on people who have interacted with your YouTube channel or videos.
  • Google Ads interaction: You can create remarketing lists based on people who have interacted with your Google Ads placement, such as people who clicked on your ads or watched your video ads.

Using these targeting options, you can create highly customized and effective remarketing campaigns to reach your target audience and drive conversions.

What are the best practices for remarketing?

To optimize your remarketing efforts, it's important to establish well-defined objectives, target your ads to specific audience segments, and test different ad formats and messaging. These guidelines are considered to be the most effective ways of maximizing the impact of your remarketing campaigns.

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